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Light Trail



Sizzling Lights succeeded in fabricating made-in-India decorative lighting products and proved that fancy lights manufactured in India can also be exported to the rest of the world.

We are producing the world’s most inexpensive decorative lights and proving that the quality of Indian products can be far better and more reliable than the lights we import from China.

We believe in customer reviews, thousands of fancy lights have already been installed to different hotels, banquets and residential places with zero complaints is the only reward we achieved.

Tube Lights
City Lights


Our Team works too hard to improve our offering and bring the best products for home decoration to inspire you with our unique Collection of products. Brighten up your living room, garden, balcony, or kitchen with our beautiful collection of decorative lights. 

We travel throughout the world to find out the best design of fancy lights for you, that’s why we are known for our trendy lights. Every year, we lead the way in interior decoration with our unique fancy lights and endlessly changing inventory.

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