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5 Standing Lights Lamps For Living Room

1.Cage floor lamp

The Cage Floor Lamp follows contemporary design cues, but with a hint of retro styling. The design features handcrafted metal rod fins, which resemble a mess cage. It is topped off with an exquisite black lampshade with gold finish on the inside, which accentuates the warm

2. Snake Floor Lamp

Our S shaped floor lamps offer a smart and simple way to add a lighting solution to any interior of space, even if you have limited room space. They are versatile home décor elements that add elegance, brightness and warmth to your interior space.

3. Cross leg floor lamps

The Cross Leg Floor Lamp has a striking and distinctive creative design. The base crossed pipes fans out in multiple directions like branches of a tree, lending the floor lamp an very unique stance.

4.Ifield Floor Lamp

The Catapult Tripod Floor Lamp has a striking and eye-catching modern design. The base of the floor lamp has a very elegant three bended rod stand. The floor lamp is topped off with a premium off white fabric lampshade that features a golden coloured inner diffuser. We handcraft this floor lamp with hollow metal pipes, that makes it lightweight and durable.

5. Adjustable table lamp

The adjustable table lamp is articulated, it is both graceful and playful in form. The inspiration is reflected in the name. The knuckle joint on the base and the joint at the top, allows the stem to be positioned in all directions, allowing a variation of lighting moods to be achieved.

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